The *Application* functions as Biskuit's dependency container. The application makes Biskuit's functionality and services configurable, extendable, interchangeable and accessible throughout the [modules](

All services you have available in Biskuit are set as dependency-injected properties on the Application instance. $app['db'] for example will give you access to the database service.

Accessing a Service

To access the Application instance, there are mainly two ways. Depending on the context you are in at the moment, you have either access to a $app variable or through a static call to the Biskuit\Application class.

// Getter

use Biskuit\Application as App;

As you can see, the container implements \ArrayAccess as well as a magic __call method to access the container’s services.

Defining a Service

Adding a service to the application can easily be achieved by setting an array key on the container to be a closure. This will not be evaluated until accessed for the first time.

$app['cache'] = function () {
    return new Cache();